March 16, 2005

Hi there

Hello everyone this is my first post on this blog so let me tell you a little bit about myself, I'm nineteen, female, Canadian and a cannibal. There's lots about me other than that, but for starts that's all you need to know. :)
My interest in cannibalism is not (unlike with most) a sexual thing. I enjoy the idea of someone giving themselves to me, so that I can consume them. But I have no interest in causing my meal pain or death. I also have no interest in eating someone who is unwilling.
I have so far only partaking in one 'cannibal feast'. The gentleman I ate is still alive and well, to the best of my knowledge. I used a tourniquett to stop the blood flow to his leg before I amputated it. We roasted some of his meat over an open fire and shared it. The rest I took home to eat myself.
This my surprise some of you reading my blog, but there is no law anywhere in north America specifically forbidding cannibalism. Yes there are laws forbidding murder, assisted suicide, mutilating corpses and performing surgery without a license. And yes these crimes are committed in conjunction with cannibalism. Buy nowhere does it say a person cannot dine on the flesh of another. I am not a lawyer but if charges were ever brought against me I'm sure that I could use that loophole to my advantage.


At 1:34 a.m., Blogger Raven said...

I would be more than willing for you to cook and eat me for dinner, entirely.

At 1:37 a.m., Blogger Raven said...

I want to be your main course.

At 6:15 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

what the crap is wrong with you, ew just ew, you need help, serious help you are a disgusting dirty person

At 6:46 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Umm wo would want to be eaten by another being?..

At 9:49 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 6:46 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

not crazy at all I for one would volunteer. I am only meat. respond negatively if you wish I don't care what others think


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