April 21, 2005

Cannibal Dictionary

Hello all.
Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I've been indisposed. I was thinking it over and I thought it may help you all if I were to give you a list or dictionary of cannibal terms, So without further adieu!

Anthrophange-A person who eats people (the scientific way of saying cannibal)
Anthrophangephillia-Sexual excitement from eating other people
Cannibal-a person who eats people
Chef-the cannibal who cooks the human meal
Endocannibal-a cannibal who only eats loved ones or friends
Exocannibal-a cannibal who only eats enemy's
Germany-the country with satisticly the highest proportion of cannibals per capita
Gynophangea-a preference for eating females
Gynophangeaphillia-sexual excitement from eating females
Hairless goat-a prepubescent meal
Meal-the person who is being cooked
Necrophangea-a preference for eating a dead person in an advanced state of decomposition
Necrophangephillia-sexual excitement from eating a person in an advanced state of decomposition
Long pig-an adult meal
Pedophangea-a preference for eating someone who's prepubescent
Pedophangeaphillia- sexual excitement from eating someone who's prepubescent
Spitting-impaling the meal on a large spike and roasting over an open fire
Vore-The Latin root of words like 'devour'
Vorephillia-sexual excitement from the thought or action of being violently eaten, violently eating another or watching someone be eaten alive

I can't think of any more right at the moment, when I do I'll update the list. I have some nice 'crime scene ' photos that would look nice on this blog. It's to bad I have no idea how to put them up :) If any one want s to drop me a line please contact me at cannibalgourmet@hotmail.com I keep forgetting to get my recipe cards out or I'd give you all a few ideas for your own meals. Maybe I'll do that in my next entry. ;)


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